It takes a lot to stand in front of people and speak, it takes even more to dance. But, that is exactly what these competitors have chosen to do. Learning to chase, dip, and twirl their way across the dance floor the contestants of Brookfield’s Dancing Stars are not in it for the prestige, or for any personal gain, they are doing it to support those who are less fortunate. Each of these stars has chosen to help fund all of the free services and programs offered by the Women's Center of Greater Danbury.

    All donations made to the teams go directly to the charity. All cost related to the event and gala it’s self-have been provided by Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brookfield or one of our great patrons. Each dollar donated is a vote for your favorite dancer. If you would like to make an offline donation, please contact Matthew Ames “Event Coordinator” at 203-775-6588 to make arrangements.  


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Nancy Hawley
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     Nancy is thrilled to have the opportunity to step outside her comfort zone and participate in this year’s Dancing with the Stars event.  Nancy has served on the Board of Directors for the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury and currently serves on the Advisory Council.  She has been a passionate advocate for the organization and has been particularly focused on education, counseling, and outreach in an effort to deliver a message of prevention and hope.  In addition to her work with the Women’s Center, Nancy has served the Town of Bridgewater as a member and Chairwoman of the Town’s Board of Finance.  She currently serves as a Selectwoman for the Town.
      A resident of Bridgewater for the past 18 years, Nancy shares her home with her husband, 
David, and children Elizabeth, Katie, and Samantha.  An active member of the Bridgewater Congregational Church, you can find her most Sundays lending her voice to the Choir.  When she is not singing, chauffeuring her children around or volunteering at their schools, she spends her time on the tennis court desperately trying to improve her game!  (It is rumored that she took up the sport because of the cute outfits.)

Nancy will be paired with Elmar
     Elmar began ballroom dancing in Germany at the age of 7, and through the years successfully competed in many Regional, National and International competitions. Upon completion of the extensive German training to become a certified dance instructor, he was immediately offered a position as Assistant Manager and Dance Instructor at one of the largest German dancing schools in Munich, Germany.
     January 2007, Elmar joined Fred Astaire Dance Studios as an owner and Director of the Brookfield, CT, location where he continues to pursue his passion for dancing. Under his direction and instruction, the Brookfield Fred Astaire Dance Studio’s students and certified instructors win top placements in competitions and enjoy the magic of dance.



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