It takes a lot to stand in front of people and speak, it takes even more to dance. But, that is exactly what these competitors have chosen to do. Learning to chase, dip, and twirl their way across the dance floor the contestants of Brookfield’s Dancing Stars are not in it for the prestige, or for any personal gain, they are doing it to support those who are less fortunate. Each of these stars has chosen to help fund all of the free services and programs offered by the Women's Center of Greater Danbury.

    All donations made to the teams go directly to the charity. All cost related to the event and gala it’s self-have been provided by Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Brookfield or one of our great patrons. Each dollar donated is a vote for your favorite dancer. If you would like to make an offline donation, please contact Matthew Ames “Event Coordinator” at 203-775-6588 to make arrangements.  


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Mark Krasnickas
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      Mark is a family man and a lifelong resident of Newtown CT.  He and his loving wife Sheilah recently celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary, and are blessed with two wonderful kids and a perpetually happy dog named Sammie.  Their son Matthew is starting college in September, and their daughter Emily is just getting her driver’s license. 

      When Mark is not working at Green Acres Landscape & Design as their General Manager, he is helping out friends and family and giving back to his community whenever he can. He enjoys being outside biking, hiking, and gardening, and looks forward to winter months when he tries to hit the ski slopes as much as possible. A former board member of Newtown’s Winterset Ski Club, Mark served as the ski racing chair for 6 years – and coached his daughter's softball team for 8 seasons. Whether it be at a wedding, a festive party or local bar, he has always enjoyed being on the dance floor. If the music is right, Mark would be happy dancing the night away with his wife and any of their many friends. 

     With no professional training and only shaking what he's got, Mark looks forward to the challenge of dancing with a professional -- and having to stay within the lines so to speak. Most importantly, he is excited to be making all the right moves for a great cause like the Women's Center.


Mark will be paired with Olivia

     Olivia has been dancing for 20 years, and teaching dance for all ages for 8. She received a degree in Theater/Dance from Boston College, and her background includes ballet, tap, jazz, lindy hop, and musical theater dance, in addition to American rhythm and smooth. Before coming to Fred Astaire, she taught dance at the York Theater in Manhattan, as well as running lindy hop and tap dancing teams in the Boston area.



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"Well done Mark on accepting the challenge for a good cause!"
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"Hi Mark! My gift is a little late...hope it was a fun evening and nobody got hurt, lol."
Brenda Murray Date Received: 09/16/2017
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"Have a "ball" Mark!"
Dan Holmes Date Received: 09/15/2017
"Go get em Mark! You got this brother."
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"Way to dance for a great cause!"
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"Have fun! Sounds like a great event for a good cause!"
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"Proud of you!!"
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"Great cause! Great guy! You're already a winner!"
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Anne Spillane Date Received: 09/11/2017
"To our favorite dancer!! Go Mark!!"
Jennifer Norcross Date Received: 09/10/2017
"Good luck, Mark!"
June Holmes Date Received: 09/9/2017
Tricia La Belle Date Received: 09/8/2017
"Stay on the balls of your big feet! "
Jean Muraszkin Date Received: 09/8/2017
"Shake rattle n roll!"
Gina & Scott Wolfman Date Received: 09/8/2017
"Great fun and work for an important cause!"
Jeff Klein Date Received: 09/8/2017
"Good luck Mark!!!!"
Chris & Alison Cummings Date Received: 09/7/2017
"Good luck Mark! "
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"good luck."
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"Good Luck Mark!"
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"You are going to woo the crowd!"
Rob Cox Date Received: 09/6/2017
"I am literally paying just to see this thing happen. "
David Stout Date Received: 09/6/2017
"Go get 'em Mark"
Julie Shull Date Received: 09/6/2017
"Can't wait to see you cut it up on the dance floor!"
Carolyn & Gavin Arneth Date Received: 09/5/2017
"Break a leg! :)"
Michele McLaughlin Date Received: 08/21/2017
Beckett Kohl-Condon Date Received: 08/18/2017
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"Love your trailer! Looks like a lot of fun! Best of luck to you."
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"Have fun, Mark!"
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"'One of your legs is longer then the other, and both of your feet are two long' Good luck Mark"
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"Good luck Mark"